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Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Land's Man by Aasif Mandvi

I have loved Aasif Mandvi for quite a while, but that is not why I picked up this book.  I have been alarmed since the Bush administration about the erosion of civil rights in America.  Social justice is no longer something that is legally safe, and at no point were we a post-racial society, so going down hill is a problem for me.  So when I read a list of the best books on being a person of color in the United States that came out in 2014, I took note, and this book was one of those books.

  So how well does a comedian and actor write?  Incredibly well it turns out, and with the humor that you would expect.  It is a mature look at the experience of being brown skinned when you live in a white society.  He hails from England, and moved to Florida as a child, so it is not just our country that has these problems, and I get that.  So while there is not new information here, his non-threatening treatise demonstrates all too well how things like police shootings of young brown skinned men go unpunished happens.  It is all too common; what has changed is that we as a nation are paying attention to it.  I highly recommend this to those amongst us who are not minorities.  It is valuable to hear this perspective, and this is an entirely enjoyable way to learn.

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