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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ode to the Ideal Cuban Sandwich

There are many things that I like about Cuban food, and many of them are encompassed in the Cuban sandwich.  I hope that the normalization of the relationship between Cuba and the United States progresses without a hitch, and that it will be entirely without comment for my children to hope down to Cuaba for a weekend getaway of music and beaches at sometime in the future.  I also hope that the food in Cuba achieves the level of deliciousness that Cuban food outside of Cuba has attained.

We celebrated the recent thawing of diplopmatic ties this weekend with a family dinner of Cuban sandwiches.  My eldest son made an excellent ham over Easter weekend and smoked a pork loin in order to address two of the major components of the sandwich.  The bread is a third, followed by sliced dill pickles, swiss cheese, and yellow mustard.  Simple ingredients that when stacked together attain something greater than the sum of their parts.  

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