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Monday, July 20, 2015

Fin, Montclair, NJ

-->I was at this seafood restaurant with a group of people, which allowed me to try three things on the menu by sharing with someone else, and to see what my fellow diners received.  So while I am not a restaurant reviewer, who would have done both this and try the restaurant on more than one occasion, my amateur experience was reasonably good.

I had the calamari salad to start off and it was especially good.  The calamari was prepared with a breading and then fried.  The breading was minimal and light, and the calamari was tender and crunchy and delicious.  It was tossed in a lemony dressing with a mixture of baby greens, including radiccio, and the end result was quite delicious.  I had a mahi mahi and a halibut dishes and the fish in each was fish and well prepared.  The sides that were served with each dish complimented the fish well.  The “surf and turf” dish was short ribs and enormous shrimp, both of which were well cooked and flavored.   The service was very good, and as an added bonus the restaurant not only allows you to bring your own wine, it has a delivery service with a local liquor store, so you can easily and affordably get an adult beverage even if you forgot to bring one with you.  Excellent dining experience.

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