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Sunday, July 26, 2015

RollnGo, Dallas, TX

I was recently at a week long conference in Dallas.  The hotel was not in a central location, the conference was lengthy and intense, and the weather was hot and a little bit humid.  So we were far from the well-known parts of Dallas, there wasn’t much spare time, and the weather did not encourage venturing far from the meeting center.  Lucky for me, there was a nearby take out restaurant that had a range of Vietnamese food and the largest selection of fresh spring rolls that I have seen. 

I had the shrimp sausage spring roll, which was a delicious mix of shredded vegetables and a long slice of shrimp sausage (which is minced shrimp with spices and water chestnuts that is similar to what you would have in shu mei or shrimp dim sum) with a side of pickled daikon and carrots.  They were great and very different from the lemongrass chicken spring rolls that my table mate ordered.  They also have a range of bahn mi, bun bowls, pho, and rice platters as you would expect at a Vietnamese restaurant, and the price was very reasonable.  The grilled pork bahn mi did not disappoint.  The service was swift.  Don’t be dissuaded by the mirror ball on the ceiling or the music that pervades the restaurant.  The food is good and you can grab and go, or sit and eat.  It is not haute cuisine by any means, but as fast food it is wonderful.

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