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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Arturo Garcia Bustos Mural, Oaxaca, Mexico

These are some scenes from the Palacio de Gobierno building in the center of Oaxaca.  It runs up the main stiarcase and is impossible to miss.  The mural is grand in both size and scope, and breathtaking to look at.  It was painted by Arturo Garcia Bustos.  He began his career at La Esmerelda School of Painting and Sculpture, which opened  in 1942 with Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and other well-known artists as faculty.  He began his career as a muralist with Diego Rivera in 1947. 
When Frida's failing health no longer allowed her to continue teaching at the school, she invited the students to her Blue House in Coyoacan to continue their classes. Arturo and three other students continued to study with Frida. This group came to be known as Los Fridos, because of their devotion to Frida.
The painted this mural in 1980 to depict the the history of Meixco, both before and after the Conquistedors arrival.  depicts famous Oaxacans and Oaxacan history, including Benito Juárez and his wife Margarita Maza, and José María Morelos, Porfirio Díaz, Vicente Guerrero (being shot at Cuilapan) and 17th-century nun and love poet Juana Inés de la Cruz.

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