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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Right Kind of Wrong (2012)

This is a 'B' grade romantic comedy streaming on Netflix.  Leo Palomeno is a sort of antihero, a man who is s semi-failed writer being supported by his wife.  She sells real estate, which she realizes that she hates to do.  One day she up and quite it all.  Her husband and her marriage both have to go.  She writes a blog about all the things that she realizes about her husband through the process of separating herself from him and it becomes all too popular.  She gets TV spots and a book contract, and even a movie deal, all of it at Leo's expense.

Two things come about as a result.  Leo comes to see himself as the flawed and self-centered man that his his ex-wife portrayed, while the ex-wife comes to see that maybe, when all is said and done, that she was a little harsh on him.  So they meet somewhere in the middle, letting go of some of their mutual resentment.  She uses her fame for good (she gives his failed book a breath of life and his ability to see himself through his ex-wife's eyes and woos his next love as a result of his new found insight.

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