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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Meat From the Market, Oaxaca

Yet another story that comes out of the Sunday market in Tlacalula.  It is a very large market, with quite a few places to eat, as well as places to buy goods and to buy fruits and vegetables.  There is also a section of the market devoted to butchered meat.  You can buy almost any cut of meat that you want, and the butcher will prepare the meat any way that you want.  For a Norte Americano it is like stepping back to another generation.
One thing that is available at the market is a communal grill.  You can both buy your meat and cook it there.  I am not sure if people cook it to eat right away, or on their way home, or something longer term, but it is like nothing I have seen at home.  When I took a cooking class we bought our meat at such a place, and while the hygienic standards are a little fuzzy to me, the meat is flavorful and delicious. 

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