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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Prohibition Pig, Waterbury, Vermont

  I recently had a wonderful trip to Vermont, where I came for a business trip but stayed for pleasure.  It was a trip that included a number of excellent restaurants, one of which was this one.  The main cuisine served is barbeque and you do not have to guess that.  From down the block you can smell the heavenly aroma of smoking meat.  If you are not fond of BBQ this is probably not a good place for you.  It also has a bit of a gastro pub feel, but not enough for a vegetarian.

The menu has a number of BBQ sandwiches, and the meat is excellent.  The buns on our visit suffered in comparison--I am not a fan of a bun that cannot stand up to the sandwich from beginning to end and that is the situation here--but if you go for a plate of BBQ meat you avoid this problem.  They have house made pickles that are delicious and the salads are well worth trying.  We had one with farrow and roasted squash that was delicious.

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