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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hen of the Wood, Burlington, Vermont

 There are two of these in Vermont, but we only got to the one in downtown Burlington.  It was not our favorite place that we ate on the trip, but it was very good, and after a dinner there we returned to sit at the bar and have oysters and a cider concoction that they have that is quite good called Citizen's Punch on another occasion.  Any restaurant that is worth a return visit on a short trip has got to be good.

Instead of having an entrée, we opted for multiple appetizers and small plates.  The restaurant is well known for hen of the wood mushrooms on toast with a poached egg on top, as well as it's home cured meats and sausages, so we opted for those, and were not disappointed.  Both were flavorful and unlike food that we can get at home, so doubly enjoyable.  The only thing that we got that I thought was not a great bang for the buck was the cheese plate.  Portions were small, quality was just okay, and it was overpriced.  Otherwise it was a great dining experience.

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