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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Noise Reduction Headphones for the Hospital

On the first of quite a few nights that I spent in the hospital recently I was unsurprisingly unable to sleep.  There is the usual hullabaloo around medication dispensing, the taking of blood pressure and temperature, and the need for assistance to do even the simplest tasks.  For me it was compounded by have a nasal-gastric tube which has two very distinct noises.  One was the sound of my own internal juices rushing out of my nose, and the other was a high pitched squealing of the valve.  The squeaking noise could be muffled by a pillow, but not enough to help, and ear plugs just seemed to amplify the rushing sound of fluid leaving my body.  So what to do?

My solution was noise reduction headphones.  I am usually a restless sleeper and so I wasn't sure that they would even stay on my head for the duration of the evening, but I was desperate.  It turns out that post-abdonimal surgery, one does very little moving about, in bed or otherwise.  So these worked like a charm.  I used the Spotify White Noise radio station in the background, and slept like a baby, meaning I slept for two hours, got woken up, poked and prodded, then went back to sleep.  Highly recommended.

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  1. If movement does become a problem, I think there are noise cancelling earbuds. Check out Sennheiser, they make great products