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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Traveling Advice from my Chinese Seatmates

Today is the birthday of my second son, and I think he would appreciate this sage advice that I got on a recent trip home.  I was sitting between four passengers from China across two rows and they brought noodle soup with them for the trip.  The flight attendant clearly was familiar with the practice, as she brought them hot water in their bottles on a regular basis as they ach ate one or two servings.  The problem with food in airports is actually improving in all ways except for the cost.  But I have had travel instances that are too numerous to count just this year that involved flights delayed and plans to catch a bite foiled.  Sometimes even catching the flight doesn't go that well!  So ts seems like a great way to have a hot meal at a resonable cost that is easy a nd filling and you could even bring some mix ins if you were ambitious.  I know for sure that Tucker would approve of the frugality and the filling nature of this meal in the air.

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