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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sleeping on My Back

Yes, I have cancer, and yes, I had a huge surgery, and wouldn't you think that that would trump everything?  Well, of course, both of these things are foremost in my thoughts,  how I am thinking and then working hard to put on my very best attitude, but guess what?  Sleeping on my back is slowly driving me nuts.  It is such a little thing, but despite all of the health reasons to do so (and apparently there are many), I just simply cannot get comfortable on my back.  So as I go into my third straight week of having no other option, I am thinking of all sorts of things to do to ameliorate it.  Maybe I can prop a pillow so that I can tilt ever so slightly to the left or the right.  Maybe I should try some guided imagery to help me drop off to sleep without thinking about it.  But no matter what I try, I still left with that "turtle of my back" sensation of being trapped on my back each and every night.  I am amazed that in the midst of all the really serious things going on in my life that I can still be bothered by the very tiniest of things.  Just talented, I guess.


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  2. This speaks to me. I hate being on my back, it's just not right and I can't sleep like that

  3. A charm can't hurt, from poet Joyce Sidman...

    "Sleep Charm
    This bed is the perfect bed.
    Sink into its healing
    cheek against cool pillow-white.
    Forget anything you ever wanted,
    hoped, or feared.
    One by one, those cares will drop
    from you like stones
    into deep water.
    Slip from your dayskin
    and swim, shimmering,
    into the dream beyond the dream.

    The world will wait for you
    through all its dark and absent hours,
    and the creatures of the night
    will sing your name."
    Poem by Joyce Sidman from the book What the Heart Knows: Chants, Charms & Blessings, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, © 2013