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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Last Five Years (2015)

I cannot remember what the trailer for this movie was like, and what about it attracted me to it, but whatever it was, it misled me completely.
I am sure there are people who love this movie because it is really a musical and in the most modern sense of the word.  But almost literally every word of the movie is sung.  It is at least 90% told in song.  Which I find somewhat annoying, because when people are singing it is a lot harder to tell what they are feeling, or for that feeling to come across as genuine. 
The story is the break up of a relationship.  There clearly is sexual chemistry between the couple but the degree of intimacy they have is hard to gauge.  The don't have conversations, they sing about their relationship instead, and I really don't know how to figure that out.  It may be a very simple story that became way more complicated when they couldn't just tell us stuff.
The one good thing that I can say is that if you like singing, these guys can sing and there is nothing painful about that part of the movie.

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