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Friday, October 30, 2015

Surrounding Myself with Ginger

At first I did not get why I was getting all sorts of ginger flavored candies.  I clearly had not done my homework on what the post chemotherapy nausea landscape might look like and what I might do to combat it.  These people knew more about what I was about to face than I did, and in retrospect I am grateful that they knew more than I did.

I was doing just fine with my anti-nausea medication, sailing along, eating and exercising, wondering what was the big deal.  All that ended on  Day 3.  Not to go into too many, or really, any details, let's just say I figured out very quickly what the big deal was all about.  I spent the entire day trying to get back into control, with modest success, but the thing that I did discover is that ginger really is a big comfort.  Don't leave home without it.  I have almost daily been reminded that there is abundant kindness in the world, and now I include that who taught me about ginger.

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