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Friday, March 11, 2016

Eleanor's Secret (2009)

Yet another in the series of European animated films we have been watching.  This one is a better story than it is at animation, in that the animated figures and scenery are simply done. 

Eleanor's Secret is the story of a little boy, Nathan, who can't read. Mercilessly teased by his sister and feeling the pressure from his well-meaning parents, Nat is hoping to get away from school-related stress, at least, on a trip to his recently deceased Aunt Eleanor's house at the seaside. Imagine his dismay, then, when he finds that the key she has left him unlocks a room full of books! It feels like an insult, until he discovers that this is a library with a magical secret.  The characters literally come to life, but there is a catch.  their time is running out and Nat has to save them.  The film is the adventure of that happening, plus the story of the softening of his sister and the realization of his parents that the books are worth more to them to keep than they are to sell.  It is a good, but not great, tale.

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