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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Infinitely Polar Bear (2015)

This is a well acted and somewhat painful to watch movie about a family where the father has bipolar disorder. 
Cam Stuart (ably portrayed by Mark Ruffalo) is a fairly classic bipolar sufferer who has two daughters and a wife who is less and less sure of what their relationship is, but remains committed to them as her family.  Cam is unable to hold a job, has significant OCD hoarding qualities and a mouth that will not quit.  He very accurately portrays the irritability that characterizes bipolar disorder, and one of his daughters demonstrates that the apple does not fall far from the tree.  His youngest daughter has that same fly-off-the-handle anger that he does and you have to wonder what her future holds.  The mother (Zoe Saldana) decides to go back to school to get her MBA so that she can get the family out of poverty, but it entails leaving her children in Cam's care.  Over time, this really works out, and in the end, she decides that they are in good hands with him.  Well acted and real.

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