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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Healing Power of Chicken Soup

I recently received a gallon of chicken soup after I had been unexpectedly hospitalized briefly, and it got me thinking.  There really is something very soothing about a broth laden with chicken and vegetables when one is feeling a bit under the weather.  It is soothing when it is ingested and it feels easy to digest.  It feels like you are on the frontier between solid food and liquids.  Which depending on the density of the mix ins, you really are.  But the flavor is light and it is food that is not taxing to take in.  I have been kind of on the fence between feeling quite good and feeling a little queasy since my last does of chemotherapy, and while I have not been chewing ginger candy after ginger candy (a true sign I am not feeling well), I find a large amount of chicken soup on hand to be psychologically reassuring and potentially physically healing.

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