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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Intern (2015)

This is a light movie that probably falls into the genre of comedy but I would classify it as a feel good movie.  Jules (Anne Hathaway) has a start up internet company called 'As It Fits', which supplies clothing that fits.  She is obsessive about every detail of her company and over the course of 18 months she takes it from a business that she could run out of her living room to one that takes up and entire factory (exactly how she got the investors to renovate the space that the company resides in is unbelievably gorgeous--and probably cost prohibitive) and has a couple hundred employees.
Her right hand man, Cameron, gets the idea that they should have interns who are senior citizens, and Ben Whittaker (very affably played by Robert De Niro) gets a position.  He is a retired business executive who has lost his wife, traveled the world and is now ready to have something purposeful to do.  He is completely taken with what Jules has created and while her investors try to get her to dilute her brand by hiring a CEO, he encourages her to stay true to her vision, and you can see that he would be the perfect business adviser to her.  She trusts him and he wouldn't screw her.  It is an entirely predictable movie that is none the less charming and enjoyable to watch and I recommend it for a family movie night.  Sex is hinted but nothing more risque.

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