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Sunday, March 20, 2016

MI-5 (2015)

This movie is literally an extension of the TV show of the same name.  Harry Pierce and Oliver Mace are both in it from the TV show so that you feel like you are in familiar territory.  The problem is that the show is better suited to a television format with short bursts of action and the possibility of running a particular theme over a long period of time.
The movie is confusing, I thought, although I have to admit that I didn't find it totally engulfing as a movie and may have lapsed into inattention more than once, which is very dangerous when the plot requires that you follow it meticulously.  Harry gets himself into trouble immediately by letting a terrorist go under dire circumstances, and then disappears underground to go hunt down the terrorist and thwart some of his attempts to wreck havoc on London.  Harry enlists others to help him (including Malcolm, from the TV series) and while people die, the terrorist is contained (through some less than believable measures), those who are responsible are made to pay,  and the day is saved (more or less).

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