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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Case of You (2013)

This is a romantic comedy that is streaming on Netflix.  Since my spouse was not up for too serious a movie, this one hit the spot.  As was stated by another reviewer, the very best scene is when hack writer Sam Newman (Justin Long) meets with a literary agent (Vince Vaughn) about his passion project, an autobiographical novel based on his courtship of pixie-haired dream girl Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood). The agent thinks that the manuscript has serious literary merit, and Sam is elated. His happiness turns to horror, though, when the agent begins to describe the narrator, whom Sam modeled on himself, as an emotionally stunted character on the brink of a big fall.  The agent is trying to engage Sam in a discussion of what possible thing could change that would save the narrator from certain doom so that the novel has a surprise ending, but he is having trouble coming up with something that will work, because the situation is so dire. The agent doesn’t realize that Sam and Birdie’s relationship is meant to be romantic; to him, it reads as doomed and delusional.  Sam comes to his senses, sees the wisdom of the agent's insights and goes about trying to save what is left of his relationship with Birdie, who really does love him and see him for who he is and not just who he pretends to be. 

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