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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Get Out and Feel the Culture

Can you hear the hoot too?
It is the call of culture luring you in.
Up until last month I had rarely ventured outside of my house in six months.  I was waylaid by a combination of chemotherapy, fatigue, and a need to avoid both crowds and noise.  So for my first vacation in months, I wanted to be sure to keep my expectations low so that I would not be disappointed.  One of my very favorite things that I got over this six month period of time was daily art.  A friend who is far more knowledgeable than I sent me art every day.  It was so profoundly uplifting that I wanted to be sure that my first vacation in months included some museums, even if I could only do one or two things there.
I managed to do this while I was in Chicago.  I saw two exhibits at the Field Museum and spent an afternoon at the Art Institute, and while it was not an exhaustive viewing of what either place had to offer, it was very uplifting to be amongst beautiful things.

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