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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spotlight (2015)

This is a film about the unmasking of the Catholic church's systematic cover-up of sexual abuse by priests.  Thankfully it is much more about the process of discovery by the Boston Globe's investigative reporting group than it is watching predatory priests harming children.  The later would just be much too painful, and in many ways not illuminating.  We know that pedophiles believe that their actions are defensible and that it is society that misunderstands them.  They refuse to acknowledge the life long damage they inflict.  So it would be infuriating to get too close to that kind of thinking.  This is about the team gradually coming to understand the scope of the problem in Boston and then their methods of uncovering it and moving forward with information that was damaging to the Catholic church in a Catholic town.  Remarkable story and inspiring in a way that we have ceased to think about reporters.  Well worth watching.

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