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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ashby (2015)

This is a funny movie overall, but there are real elements of seriousness that pervade it as well.  It is streaming on Netflix, which is always a plus (I find that it is sometimes hard for me to find movies that I will enjoy but have never heard of on Netflix, which is why I mention that).  Ed is the new kid in high school and is suffering from all that comes with that. He doesn't have much in the way of support until he meets his next door neighbor, Ashby.  Ashby has just had a seizure and lost his driver's license so when Ed comes to interview him about his life Ashby sees him as a potential chauffeur.  The draw for Ed is that he discovers that Ashby has a history as a CIA assassin and a basement chock full of weapons.  He is not at all who he appears to be and Ed really loves that about him.  Ashby helps Ed with his ability to stand up to bullies and Ed becomes his unwitting wheel man.  A match made in heaven.

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