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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dinner with Friends

I have been struggling with my appetite for months now, and over that time I have noticed that I eat much better when I am eating out.  Be it a restaurant or a meal at the house of friends, I am much more likely to eat like my normal self than when I am home, especially if home means being left to my own devices.
I just had a wonderful dinner with friends recently, where the hosts spent time and effort on creating a memorable meal, with great success.  The appetizers were delicious--I ate so many I was worried I wouldn't have anything left for the meal, but that thankfully did not happen, because the meal and the dessert were every bit as wonderful as the pre-meal options.  The thing that I love about eating in people's homes is that it is more private and more relaxed.  There is no orchestration of when to leave, other than the clock and the obligations of the next day.  That always puts me in a good frame of mind--I might not always stay there, and over the past six months there have been a number of times where my fatigue or my pain have limited me more than anything else, but I am constantly and gratefully reminded that dinner with friends is a wonderful thing.

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