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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Music of Break Up

My youngest son had a final project for a class that involved picking a group of songs that had something in common with each other, and writing about each of them.  He chose songs about breaking up and then he and I struggled to come up with some good examples.  He had a few and I had almost nothing.  Other than a few Bob Dylan songs, even the songs that I knew that had that theme I failed to recognize.  So we put out a call to family members to aid us in our efforts and two were able to almost instantly come up with quite a few.  Which got me thinking.  I am not internalizing the lyrics of many songs that I listen to, and I really do not seek out songs that chronicle the end of a relationship.  I have always been a ballad lover, and while they often chronicle tragedy, it is not end of relationship material.  I seek out bigger fish.  Things that make headlines, not matters of the heart.  I also realized that not only do I dwell on the lyrics, there are times when songs that I love have lyrics that make almost no sense.  So much for my self assessment that I am a woman of the book.  Not true, at least when it comes to music.

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