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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Welcome to the Riley's (2010)

This is an emotionally complicated movie that goes places you might not expect.  James Gandolfini and his wife Melissa Leo have lost their connection to each other since their fifteen year old daughter was killed in a car accident.  Leo blames herself for her daughters death, and as a result she has not left the house in years.  Gandolfini has taken a lover, but they are both miserable.  It all comes to a head when his lover dies suddenly of a heart attack. He takes off for a business meeting in New Orleans and decides to sell his business and not return home.  While in New Orleans he meets a young runaway prostitute who he befriends.  Is he trying to save her or is he trying to recapture his relationship with someone his daughter's age?  Or is he trying to save her when he failed to save his daughter?  We never find out, but she becomes the mechanism by which the couple finds their way back to each other.  Leo follows him the New Orleans and moves into the prostitutes rental with him.  She tells him that he may leave her, but that she will never leave him, and they make some tentative steps back to each other.  The rest of the story is left hanging.

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