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Friday, April 14, 2017

A Handmade Life

This month marks a year that I have been actively taking classes and making things by hand.  I have made many things over the years, and benefited greatly from taking classes.  It all started in earnest when I lived in Fresno many years ago.  There was (and still is) a great quilting shop with excellent workshops, and a fiber guild which supports fiber arts of all kinds.  I can't say that I loved every class that I took, but I learned something from each of them (which was sometimes that I would never take such a class again!), and occasionally learned something that I then did over and over again.  So it turns out that in order to get my handmade life back on track, I really need to take a class.  So despite having made great strides in that direction, I am still taking a class a month on average to keep that momentum on track.  And truly, if I could do it as a resident, when I was working long and crazy hours, I should be able to do so now.  So if this is something you have been struggling with doing on your own, seek out a local business to help you get back in the groove.  I also try to finish what I started be fore the next class, which I have been almost 100% successful with. Thank you, Home Ec.

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