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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Make Earth Day About Science

The new administration has been very successful at activating the usually somewhat lackadaisical amongst us to be more involved in telling our legislators what it is that we want.  And that is just about the only good thing that I can see having come out of the most recent election. The terrible horrible no good thing about it is that many of the efforts  the Obama administration made to help prepare us for a future where renewable sources of energy are highly sought after have been cut off at the knees.  The effect of climate denial is not just a poor choice for the planet, it is a poor choice for those who hope to see a manufacturing resurgence in the United States.  Coal may or may not make a brief comeback, but it is just that.  A short term solution to very deep and long problem that won't go away by making fun of it, as #45 is doing.  Sadly, it is the people who voted hi in as their savior who are most likely to suffer the consequences.  So today, stand up for science.  And pray for a better tomorrow.

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