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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shikumen Museum, Shanghai

My nephew took us to this small museum which is set up as a house would have been in the 1930's, which is apparently the widely acknowledged heyday of Shanghai.  When people wax nostalgic, this is the time they harken back to.
The museum itself has an unassuming front, with a very friendly greeter at the front desk.  The museum can be seen in about half an hour, but it gives you a sense of what the past held for a Shanghai resident of some means.  The rooms are almost spacious.
I really loved this house.  It had alot of the things that I find attractive.  There were some graceful watercolors on the walls.  There is a lot of unpainted woodwork and wooden furniture, giving the rooms a warmth.  I was ready to move right in.

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