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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eating a Different Pyramid

I have been doing the super low carbohydrate diet for just over a month, and overall it is a lot easier than I thought it would be to manage, once you get used to the fact that the food pyramid is now almost upside down from where I started.  Fruits? Bad.  Vegetables?  Mostly okay.  Even cabbage has to be tracked, though.  And fat and protein galore!  Which is a bit of a challenge for me when left to my own devices because I have almost no experience cooking meat.
The hardest things are two-fold.  The first is that when cooking for a crowd, you really do need a side dish that is a carb or the meal seems lopsided.  We had a dinner for an out-of-town guest and the people who invited him to come this week and my spouse took a large scoop of risotto before he realized that is off the list of acceptable foods.  Oops!  The other is that eating in restaurants can be a little tricky.  Interestingly, the higher end the restaurant, the better the choices.  In some places, salad is the only real option.  In others, where there are good low carb meat options, but you can get caught.  I ordered scallops and they came with a bit of bread crumbs on them.  I ate them, because I am not going to be a crazy woman when it comes to all this, but my first thought was "what??".  And my second thought was that the prosciutto and spinach deviled eggs were delicious and that I am going to have to make them at home.

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