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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jianbing, It's What's For Breakfast

 Jianbing are incredibly delicious.  They are traditionally made on the street and cost less than a dollar.  They are fun to watch being made as well, so it is an all around great food.
Here's how it goes.  First a wrapper is made.  A crepe maker is used, but the wrapper has the consistency of a scallion pancake.  I have made these at home using a purchased frozen scallion pancake, and rolled it out so that it is thin.  It is less eggy than a crepe and more durable (see how it is eaten, by holding in your hand.  The texture is chewier than a flour tortilla, and it is then toasted a bit so that it is also crispy.  An egg is cracked and scrambled and seasoned on the griddle once the wrapper is cooked, and then the wrapper is placed over the egg, and then flipped, so it is now egg side up.  Add something for heat that you spread about (I used a Ja Jan Sauce when I got home to try to replicate, which is a spicy bean paste), griddle some lettuce and herbs to add, and then roll it up.
I can't understand why they have not been imported, because they are spectacular! 

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