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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Instructions Not Included (2013)

My youngest son has continued to drive the bus on what we watch as a family these days.  He picked this one out not realizing that it is a (mostly) Spanish language film, which is a challenge for him because he then has to read the whole movie.  I am a fan, and we all agreed that this was a good one.  Which is interesting, because there is not a truly likable character in the whole film.  Everyone either is completely unlikable or has a mixture of each trait (which is maybe closer to what we are like as people, to be sure).
The story goes that an Acapulco playboy has a ten month old baby dropped in his lap by her mother.  He has not intention of taking care of her, but on the journey to the United States he falls in love with her, so that when he can't find the mother, he gets a job that will allow them to live comfortably.  He cares very much for her, and over time he is mostly a good parent to her as well.  The mostly part is that he is more of a friend than a parent who manages the rules.  then the mother comes back into their lives and their happy equilibrium is permanently disrupted. Lots to think about, and enjoyable.

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