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Saturday, April 29, 2017

China Propoganda Musem, Shanghai

This is a wild place to visit.  If you can find it.  It is in the French Connection part of Shanghai, but it is not at all visible from the street.  It is located in the basement of a complex of apartment building, and we would never have found if we had not asked some fellow tourists at a garden nearby if they knew where it was.  They laughed and one of them pulled a ticket with a small map on it, and pointed us in the general direction and gave us verbal cues and still we almost did not find it.  The museum is very small but it is floor to ceiling propaganda posters that are very very interesting, and when there is something to translate, there is an English translation.  No photos are allowed, but there is a collection of postcards that is very affordable.  The hopes and dreams of China as it crept towards modernization are captured here, and I would highly recommend a visit.

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