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Friday, July 21, 2017

Fabric That Tells a Story

 I clearly have an obsession with fabric.  No use denying that.  The thing that I cannot resist is artisan fabric.  Wax batiks are something that I always have a good supply of, and when I am in a country where they are made or in a fabric shop that has a nice range of options it is rare that I leave without getting just one more.  I love fabrics that have a woven pattern rather than a printed one, like jacquards and ikats.  These two kinds of fabric make up the majority of the fabric that I have on hand at any given time.  These fabrics are more complicated to make and I see that when I look at them.  It is art.

The kind of fabric that I have a lot less of is fabric that tells a story of some sort.The beauty of a child is that you can really start to work on having a good stash of storytelling prints.  This is a small quilt that I am working on that has wonderful stories in carious sections of the fabric. Something to make a back of a quilt out of, or a garment, or use for a large piece of a quilt. 

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