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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Walking in the Cotswolds

 My husband and I took literally hundreds of photos during our walking vacation in the Cotswolds that all looked pretty much exactly the same.  Similar rolling hills that are thirty shades of green (thankfully we were never out and out rained on, because you don't get these colors without a lot of water involved).  Gorgeous flowers, lots of sheep, a sprinkling of cows, and medieval villages made out of the same  beautiful stone.  Some had thatched roofing, some had slate.  That was the only discernible difference.  And yet we continued to take pictures because it was so soothing and lovely to be there.
So what was so attractive you might ask?  We come from farm country, after all.  We do not have to traverse an ocean to see ewes corralling their errant offspring, we can do that right here at home.  I loved walking on public trails through people's property day after day, seeing hardly anyone when we were not in a town.  You could easily forget that hardly an inch of land is truly wild on this island, that it is all accessible and the 50,000 miles of public trails are walked each and every year by other souls.  It is a way to see and be in a place that is very peaceful and low key.  Not to mention that the food was fantastic!

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