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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Let's Talk About Women

This is it.  Exactly.  An advertisement has a far better sense of what is appropriate to say to a woman and what is not than the sorry excuse that we have for leadership in our country.  This specifically refers to what our president said to French leader Emmanuel Macron's wife.  It is hideous on the surface, but I suspect it is worse than that.  Macron is married to a woman twenty four years his senior whereas our president is married to a woman twenty four years his junior.  How can this be, our president ponders?  It is a mystery.  Then the reason becomes clear to him.  She is an excellent specimen, judged solely on physical grounds.  Of course, many people make choices in this exact manner, but know better than to share those thoughts with others.  And not publicly.  It amounts to workplace harassment, and Reebok just wants to help out those who don't get that.  It is really a public service announcement.

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