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Friday, July 14, 2017

No Escape (2015)

There are not a lot of action adventure movies featuring Owen Wilson, so when we saw that he was in this Netflix movie our automatic thought was "comedy".  That was our first mistake.  He plays a guy who has taken a job in an unnamed Southeast Asian country that borders Vietnam.  He brings his family with him and before they even land there is a coup and the country is a mass of heavily armed rioting anarchy.  the rest of the movie is a more or less standard chase movie, except that he is trying to get his kids out alive as well, which adds a layer of difficulty that makes this different, in some ways more annoying and in some ways more heartwarming, depending on what is happening.  Pierce Brosnan plays a role entirely familiar to him as the hard drinking carousing MI-6 agent who helps them navigate an escape route, Lake Bell is no shrinking violet as the wife, and Owen Wilson manages to be likable (as usual) amidst the chaos.  This movie was critically panned, but I definitely enjoyed it as a diversionary way to pass an evening at home.

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