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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Apsara's Restaurant, Providence, RI

This is a restaurant that I have been going to over the past 15 years, so you know right away that I love it.  Great Thai food, lovely atmosphere, reasonably priced food, and you can bring your own beverages.  That encapsulates my kind of place.  There are two things that I seek when I am traveling and eating out.  One is food that I don’t make.  I am very happy to pay someone to make food that I can’t make as well myself.  The other is seafood, because I live in a state that doesn’t touch the ocean. 

I was back once again to Apsara on my most recent trip to Providence with friends.  Highlights of our meal together that went beyond the camaraderie included many things.  The shrimp nime chow is fantastic—the rice noodles are perfect and the mix of herbs is delicious.  The lemon grass dishes are equally delicious.  The Thai chive dumplings are a wonderful place to start.  It’s a wonderful restaurant that is well worth a visit, and the tab for the evening will be a pleasant surprise.

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