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Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Hero 6 (2014)

There have been a number of years where I definitely disagreed with the choice for Best Animated movie, but it turns out that this year I agree with them.  I thought this looked, well, stupid when I saw the previews (and I am a lover of the animated films, so my bar is pretty low).  Fortunately for me the trailer did not do justice to the movie, because I loved the movie.

Hiro Hamada and his older brother Tadashi have been raised by their aunt.  They are both whiz kids, but where Tadashi has been the very good child, Hiro has opted out of school.  All of that changes when Tadashi is killed in a fire trying to rescue his idol.  Hiro becomes inconsolably sad, so much so that there seems to be no bring him out of it until Tadashi's robot, Baymax, makes it his mission to get Hiro back into the world of the living.  As is true of Disney, there is a bad guy, Hiro rally's Tadashi's friends into a band of Marvel heroes and they do battle, in a sort of slapstick way, with the bad guys and come out on top.  So it is a well worn formula that is still very enjoyable to watch.

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