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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Wedding Ringer (2014)

This is a silly movie which I watched on a transatlantic flight, but there are a few pearls to be found within and amongst the comedy.  The basic story is that a nerdy guy is about to get married to a pretty girl from an upper class family.  The father of the bride thinks the bride could do better, the bride is sick of dating and thinks she will be supported in the style to which she has become accustomed, and the guy thinks that he is punching above his weight to get the girl. 

The problem is that the nerdy guy has essentially no male friends.  His wife to be has a maid of honor and six bridesmaids and she expects him to match that when he can't even come up with a bona fide best man.  So the wedding planner refers him to a guy who is a rented best man.  I think this is a problem more common than you might think, and the movie doesn't demonize the guy without friends as a loser.  The other piece of the movie that I liked was that the hired best man was way better than any I have ever seen.  He not only gave a moving (if completely false) speech, he correctly identified the place the day has in one's life (in my somewhat cynical view) as well as the importance of being sure that you are marrying the right person.

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