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Friday, June 19, 2015

Top Five (2014)

Chris Rock actually rocks in this introspective movie about a comedian who kicks booze and drugs and then wonders if he is still funny.  Instead of trying to find out, he converts himself from a comedian to a serious actor, which pisses just about everyone off.

The movie is largely an interview being conducted by a New York Times free lance reporter Chelsea Brown (well played by Rosario Dawson).  He has a movie about the Haitian Revolution (which, while being the only successful slave revolution in modern times, is definitely not a funny story.  Not then, not now) and he is talking to everyone to get it promoted.  No, it is not very good, so that is an uphill battle, so despite the fact that she is doing a personal piece on him, he lets her follow him around.  It emerges that she misses him as a stand up comic, and as a recovering drug addict herself, she wants him to face what addiction has robbed hi of and fight back.  The movie is successful at showing the fallout of addiction as well as some laugh out loud moments amidst the serious subject matter.  I very much enjoyed it.

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