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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Imitation Game (2014)

The complicated life that Alan Turing led.  If this film is to be believed he was socially autistic and brilliant.  He is depicted as someone who accurately assessed his own strengths and those of others.  When he found someone smarter than him, he pursued the relationship relentlessly because he recognized just how rare that was.  In his quest to break the Enigma code, he was an unlikely hero, he enlisted the aid of another outsider, and he used the skills of those who were more valued by the military than by him to accomplish what was thought to be impossible.  He sadly lived outside the time where he would shine.  He was brought down by his sexuality, something that a child born today would not face.  What a difference a generation makes.

The ever talented Benedict Cumberbatch does a brilliant job of depicting this brilliant man who is just now getting his place in the sun as someone who brought computers one step closer to where they are today.  A very enjoyable, if sometimes painful, film.

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