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Thursday, August 4, 2016

And It Is Khan For the WIn

The Republican presidential candidate would almost be funny if he weren't so frightening.  The whole white supremacy thing that Steve King said and then Rudy Gukiani repeated at the RNC shows that it is not just him, it has a place in the party.
#nottheonion is no longer a funny hashtag but a short hand that truth is stranger than fiction.  The fact is that I can no longer tell what is news and what is satire. No joke. The line between the real and the absurd has blurred to the point that we have someone who is the candidate for a major party who repeatedly puts it out there that he is simply unable to do the job he seeks.
He recently aptly and succinctly demonstrated his complete lack of understanding of the First Amendment by saying "Mr. Khan has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution." As a matter of fact he does.  And just so you know, your record of truth telling is sadly lacking, Mr. Candidate.  He calls Hilary Clinton, the most truthful candidate of the 2016 election season, a liar and a crook.  In reality the problem is with him.  He is not competent to be a U.S. government teacher, much less the president of the United States.  But then we knew that already.  It is just that he feels compelled to remind us day after day.  Please stop.  I am heartened that Republicans felt that way about Barry Goldwater in 1964.  Maybe we can come back from the brink of this insanity.

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