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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Compère Lapin, New Orleans, Louisiana

 The meal that we ate at this restaurant was the best that we had on our recent trip to New Orleans.  Nina Compton is the chef, and the menu is just spectacular.  I was fortunate to be at lunch with a group of six people, so we were able to try a number of things on the menu.
The first thing to say is that this is a place that definitely does pasta well. The pasta in a spinach 'fondue' was especially memorable, with perfectly cooked pasta in a very delicious and complexly flavored spinach sauce that literally made me want to lick the skillet out.  And I am not really that crazy about spinach, so that is saying something.  The lobster gazpacho soup was both beautiful and delicious.  Wouldn't ordinarily order gazpacho in a restaurant because it is so easy to make, but this was fantastic and different.
Of all the great food we ate, the most remarkable in some ways was the biscuits.  They came with two flavored butters, and were light and rich at the same time.  I definitely came away from the meal realizing that I really have to perfect a recipe for these, they are amazing.  The goat curry, which is a menu constant, and the most unusual dish on the menu was complex and the goat was melt in your mouth tender.  Excellent for someone who thinks they might not even like goat.  The Fire Chicken was moist and hot and complicated and crunchy.  Just a perfect meal all around.

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