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Friday, August 26, 2016

Underdogs (2015)

I watched this movie with my son, who is a huge videogame player, and not one to much venture into the world of actual sporting, so this was a perfect tale for him.  The main character is a bit of a nerd who is an exceptional foosball player.  His team is made up of the usual suspects of a soccer team--one who is the responsible captain, one who is obsessed with his looks, one who is a bit of a hippie and then some players who have raw power.  The big difference here is that they come to life and that is the reason that our hero does so well.  He is challenged by Ace, the village bully, who is vying not just for supremacy at the foosball table but for the love of a woman.  Ace loses at foosball, but comes back years later to get his revenge on the entire town for humiliating him.  The rest of the movie is about how their adult challenge turns out, and it is of note that the nerds and grandmothers play the professional team bravely and win the hearts of the crowd.  it is a mostly feel good story with a mostly good ending. 

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