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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

Yes, I am writing a review of an animated movie that has it's third installment.  I am not going to apologize.  I love animation as a genre, and was able to hide under the guise of parenting to watch them.  I am not yet at the grand parenting stage, which leaves me with the admission that I just really like animated films.
Kung Fu Panda's Po is one of the most lovable goofy characters  in animation.  So the movie has got that going for it right off the bat. The sunny can-do attitude that the believe-in-yourself scenario the character projects is a good message for both young and old alike. The combo of pandas and martial arts is unlikely but appealing; they’re not exactly made for each other, which in each of the movies is exactly the point.  All in all, they are sufficiently strong that the films don’t need to truck in overt jokiness.  They’re more about a genial, jovial, we’re-in-this-together attitude and while there isn't any new territory covered here, but it is a good clean message that is entertaining for the whole family.  But again, I love animation.

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