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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Last Day WIthout You (2015)

This is a on the one hand another movie where a couple has a day to make an impression on each other strong enough to make them think that they might give it a go.  The twist in this one, which we know from the very beginning, is that he has come to New York for close an entire division for his German company, and she worked for that company.  The job was a stepping stone towards her independence and her goal of becoming a song writer and singer, and when she finds out that he is the cause of her losing that job and all that it stands for, she seeks revenge.  She is in general a tough nut to crack.  She is complicated, being both a God-loving daughter of a preacher and a cold hard citizen of being black and growing up in a swing neighborhood.  She is intense and passionate, and you can see why the German is attracted to her.  He does his best under trying circumstances, and it is a romantic comedy so you know how that turns out.  Streaming on Netflix.

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