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Friday, August 5, 2016

Love's Kitchen (2011)

This is very much a fluff romantic comedy, but it has two things going for it as far as I am concerned.  The first is that it is streaming on Amazon Prime, so you can download it onto your device to enjoy while you are traveling outside the confines of free Wifi (really, I love that you can watch movies on the plane, but you are constrained to the parameters of the flight itself--you can't start when you want, and if the plane lands, you don't get to catch the end of whatever it is you  might choose to watch) and are someone for whom the volume of viewing that you do makes purchasing the movie cost prohibitive.  The other is that it is set in a restaurant, so food is part of what is central.  This one is set in the British countryside, and tells the tale of a talented chef who is thrown seriously off his game by the sudden death of his wife, and is working his way back to being a sought after chef.  It is nothing earth shattering, but it is fun.

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