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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Blackbelly, Boulder, Colorado

This is a locally sourced snout to tail sort of restaurant.  They have daily specials for beef, pork, and lamb that are cuts of meat that are butchered from the whole animal, and are prepared in different ways.  It is a restaurant that places a lot of emphasis on the ingredient, and while they are no inexpensive, the quality if really quite good.
In addition to the butcher, they do a nice job of making vegetable side dishes and the small plates are good as well.  I had an excellent salad, with a light and flavorful dressing tossed with excellent lettuce.  The octopus was also an exceptionally good dish.
The kitchen is fun because a lot of the work is done out in front of the house, so many tables look onto it, and you can watch your food being prepared, something I always enjoy.

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