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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Here's To The Life We Have Built

Happy Anniversary to my partner of thirty six years.  This is a our six squared anniversary.  It is pretty amazing, and also quite unbelievable to me to realize that it has been almost four decades since we met, and that all of our children are older than we were when we first started keeping company.
Ok, this isn't going to sound that romantic, but two things on that.  I am a very poor Romanticist, and the fact of the matter is that long term relationships are much more about grit than they are about romance.  I really appreciate the way my spouse reacts to adversity.  In addition to cancer, this past year also included a very very large tree falling on our house.
We were lying in bed when it happened, and it was just massive.  We were both filled with the dread of what it could have been, but then quickly got about the business of figuring it out.  It was bad, not nearly as bad as it could have been, and much better than almost any other scenario that involved this massive a tree falling, and we were able to make it okay.  Quickly.  Now the roof is still not fixed, but everything else is.  To me that is what a long term relationship is all about.  Being able to make the disasters bearable and living life to the fullest that is possible given the circumstances.  Don't think about what you might have had.  Revel in what you do.  And work for justice and peace, and healthcare for all.  That goes without saying, except that obviously lots of people that I share citizenship with disagree on that count.  Happy Anniversary my dear.

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